Our Group plays an essential role as a research and development driver of progress in the olive oil industry. We lead important research and innovation projects in collaboration with internationally prestigious bodies.

We are forerunners of the ERDF-INNTERCONECTA Program, cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with the main goal of promoting R&D&I cooperative projects in Andalusia. We also participate in the EU´s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020, launched to tackle the main societal challenges of our society, promoting industrial leadership in Europe and strengthening the excellence of its scientific basis.

Quality is an essential pillar for our Group, and this implies total commitment to our industry and our Customers.

Our laboratory, one of the best equipped laboratories in our industry, employs the latest technologies to analyze the physical and chemical features of olive oils. In order to carry out a complete analysis of the quality of olive oils we must also carry out an organoleptic or sensory analysis. This is why we also work with our own authorized tasting panel, with experienced professionals. This panel allows us to have a direct control in all the olive oil purity and authenticity processes, and we can therefore ensure the complete traceability of the product, from the source, all the way to the final consumer.


It is thanks to the innovative spirit all the members of Jaencoop´s team share and to our key objective of offering the highest quality to our Customers, that we have become the first olive oil cooperative to obtain the food safety BRC and IFS certificates (necessary to market olive oil in several countries in the world).

In order to ensure the highest quality and continuous improvement, both in our products and in our services, all our processes are carried out following the ISO 9001 standard.