Discover the main characteristics, sensorial attributes and paring notes of our extra virgin olive oils.



It is an olive oil with an intense fruity flavor and a particular bitter attribute, specific of this variety. It also carries sensorial hints reflecting the particular area where the trees are grown. Our Picual olive oil has a high concentration of polyphenols (natural antioxidants), which carry a high nutritional value and great health benefits. It also has the highest level of stability in comparison to other olive oils.

Tasting note

Our olive oil is of a deep green color. On the nose, it is fruity and reminds of green leaves, with some hints of figs, bananas and tomatoes. In the mouth it offers a complex and fresh sensation with a medium intensity of pungency and bitterness, a well-balanced olive oil.

Pairing note

The explosion of smells and flavors brought by this olive oil turn it into the perfect match for dishes with light flavors like salads, cooked or grilled fish, fried or scrambled eggs, emulsified cream soups, fried fish or meat, vegetable tempura, as well as preserved raw or cooked food, such as tomato sauce or cheese, and marinated meats and game. It also balances stronger meals, such as traditional stews and casseroles, pulse soups and rice dishes. This olive oil is also a great basis for complex dressings like vinaigrettes.


It is a delicate olive oil. These olives are small and round fruits and the tree is originally from the Catalonian area, although our production comes from extensive olive groves within the province of Jaén.

Tasting note

These olive oils are fluid, sweet and fresh in the mouth. Their pungency and bitterness are nearly unnoticeable. On the nose, it reminds of green grass and fruity flavors with hints of almond, banana and apple.

Pairing note

Its sweet touch and its fluidity make it perfect for sauces, like mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise, seasonings for seafood and fish, vinaigrettes, cold cream soups and special salads, like fruit salads, orange salad or pineapple salad, etc.

On the other hand, the lack of pungency and bitterness makes this olive oil perfect for confectionary and for cooking desserts, particularly tarts and cakes, as well as pizza or pie crusts.