Merging tradition and experience with innovation and technology is what differentiates us

In the JAENCOOP GROUP, innovation and technology are added to our tradition and experience. We make a difference in the grinding of our olive oils, always focusing on the importance of the extraction process, key to obtain the highest quality olive juice.

We are continuously improving and upgrading all our facilities in our production centers (olive oil mills associated to the group) in order to enhance olive oil extraction, efficiently optimize resources and increase and improve our services for our associates and our Customers.

We use the latest technologies in our industry, both in the mechanical equipment for extracting and grinding olive oil and in our storage facilities, in the preservation and bottling or canning of olive oil. All these processes are embedded into an innovative management system for traceability control in Microsoft Dynamics.

One of the key figures in the extraction and grinding process, ensuring food safety and an exceptional quality of olive oil is the Olive Oil Mill Master. Each of our olive oil mills is managed by an experienced technical team in charge of selecting the best olives and of monitoring the quality of the oil throughout the process.